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Applicad’s electrical engineers can help you develop a new product or improve an existing one.



Electrical Engineering

Step one in making your concept a reality. Our EE’s specialize in building controls, switching power supplies, analog and digital audio.

The earlier you get involved, the more you can bring benefits to a project by thinking long term. We’re there at the beginning, but we’re thinking it through all the way to the build.

– Michael Bailey




We build the bridge between conceptual and physical.


  • Early on in the layout process, we put our customers’ circuits on the right track with a quarter-century of experience and a breadth of knowledge that results from working with dozens of diverse industries as an EMS company.
  • We know CAD. Mentor Xpedition, Pads, Cadence, Altium. We’ll design in the tool that best fits our customer. We have a rich history in leveraging the strengths of these packages and avoiding their pitfalls.
  • Design For X, where x may be fabrication, assembly, test, reliability or other disciplines. It’s easy enough to quote DFx lingo. The challenge is to know where they intersect and conflict. We’ll adjust your layout for these all along, so there are no showstoppers when it’s time to build.


    ACI Whitepapers


    More Reliable Assemblies Through Via Post-Processing. – August 13th, 2014





    LVDS pairs multi-routing

    by Jim Julian

    Using Mentor Expedition to interactively route LVDS pairs, both individually and as groups.

    DDR3 Bus routing & tuning


    by Jim Julian

    Using Mentor Expedition to interactively route and tune a DDR3 memory bus.



    The ACIDifference

    • William Truex

      Our assembly team is cross trained allowing resources to be applied to meet ever changing customer requirements; all while making on time deliveries.

    • Erin MacMillan

      Our decades of experience and wide range of equipment allow us to turn around complex rework jobs quickly and successfully.

    • Jim Julian

      As PCB designers we’re in a unique position because we have to live in two worlds – the conceptual world of the engineer, and the physical world of the manufacturer. Each has its own language, and we need to be bi-lingual.

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    If we’re working on a turnkey project for you, we’ll collaborate with the fabrication shop to get your pcb built right!