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VGM-1041 ( 12-Channel Digital Automatic Mixer with DSP and Parametric EQ )

Categories: Electronic Products
  • Description

    The VGM-1041 DSP Gated Mixer / EQ targets sound reinforcement applications, so your audience will enjoy higher quality sound than with generic mixers or consoles. Operators see a uniquely compact, refreshingly simple exterior. This is because the adjustments which you or your installer set up at installation make operation easier later on. Its rugged construction should provide you with years of reliable service.


    • 10 microphone inputs, 2 aux inputs.
    • 4 balanced outputs, 1 aux output.
    • All microphone inputs are voice gated, with ‘Last Mic On’ and adaptive threshold.
    • Headphone output with pre-fade selection. Channels can be monitored regardless of output volume.
    • Internal to mixer is a 7 band parametric EQ for mic inputs, and a 3 band parametric EQ for music inputs.
    • Each input has a DSP allowing independent compression, (not linked), and advanced DSP functions like de-essing.
    • Features for easy setup include USB support, pink noise generator and Auto-EQ option.
    • Industrial-quality active level controls.

    The VGM-1041 is available for purchase exclusively from the our distributor: Pro Audio Superstore.